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The Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN) and the Utah Communications Authority (UCA) will be decommissioning the current 800Mhz Motorola trunking system by the end of 2023. UCAN is the main Public Safety trunked system used throughout the state of Utah and is one of the largest systems in the nation. Over 100 Motorola Trunking sites will be shut down and replaced with an all-digital P25 system using 700Mhz. It will impact all Utah public safety and services agencies. After the change, a large body of the information on this site will be out of date.


Your scanner or radios must support P25 digital and will need to be reprogrammed to continue to hear anything on the new system. The community isn't sure how much of the traffic will be encrypted after the switch. If regular channels are encrypted, it will become illegal to attempt to monitor that traffic. We can only hope that if the UCA chooses to do this, they will offer time-delayed or filtered streams of radio transmissions to the public. The public has a special interest in monitoring the activity and operations of public safety agencies. Recent documented abuses by law enforcement officers who have covered up activities or mistakes by abusing laws originally meant to protect victims are a prime example.

Please copy any information you want or need from this site prior to December, 2022. For additional details see the RadioReference Utah forum. An effort is underway to save some content on the RadioReference Utah wiki: https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Utah_(US).

73 de N2OW,


Utah State Radio 10-Codes

10-0 Caution 10-35 Drug/Gang Related 10-70 Fire Alarm
10-1 Signal Weak 10-36 Security Check 10-71 Nature Of Fire
10-2 Signal Good 10-37 Reserved 10-72 Progress Report On Fire
10-3 Stop Transmitting 10-38 Computers Down 10-73 Rape
10-4 Affirmative (OK) 10-39 Urgent Use Lights & Siren 10-74 Civil Disturbance
10-5 Relay (To) 10-40 Silent Run, No Lights 10-75 Domestic Problem
10-6 Busy Unless Urgent 10-41 Beginning Tour Of Duty 10-76 Meet Complainant
10-7 Out Of Service (On Break) 10-42 Ending Tour Of Duty 10-77 Return To ____
10-8 Back In Service 10-43 Shuttle 10-78 Back Up ____
10-9 Say Again 10-44 Permission To Leave 10-79 Notify Coroner
10-10 Negative 10-45 Animal Carcass At ____ 10-80 Pursuit In Progress
10-11 Is ____ On Duty? 10-46 Assist Motorist 10-81 Breathalyzer Report
10-12 Stand By 10-47 Suspicious Vehicle 10-82 Prisoner In Custody
10-13 Existing Conditions 10-48 Disturbing The Peace 10-83 Confidential Information
10-14 Information 10-49 Traffic Light Out At ____ 10-84 Visitors Present
10-15 Message Delivered 10-50 Traffic Accident (PD, PI, F) 10-85 Victim(s) Condition
10-16 Reply To Message 10-51 Wrecker Needed Alpha = Fair
10-17 Enroute 10-52 Ambulance Needed Bravo = Poor
10-18 Urgent 10-53 Traffic Control Charlie = Critical
10-19 In Contact 10-54 Change To Channel ____ Delta = Possible Fatality
10-20 Location 10-55 Intoxicated Driver Echo = Obvious Fatality
10-21 Call ____ By Phone 10-56 Intoxicated Pedestrian 10-86 Crime In Progress
10-22 Disregard 10-57 Hit and Run (PD, PI, F) 10-87 Abandoned Car
10-23 Arrived At Scene 10-58 Airplane Crash 10-88 Man With Gun
10-24 Assignment Complete 10-59 Reckless Driver 10-89 Bomb Threat
10-25 Report To ____ (Meet) 10-60 Out On Violator At ____ 10-90 Bank Alarm At ____
10-26 Estimated Time Of Arrival 10-61 Motor Inspection 10-91 Burglary
10-27 Driver Lic/Permit Info 10-62 Request Permission Car To Car 10-92 Theft
10-28 Vehicle Ownership Info 10-63 Prepare To Make Written Copy 10-93 Unnecessary Use Of Radio
10-29 Wants/Warrants Check 10-64 Vandalism 10-94 Contact Your Home
10-30 Danger/Caution 10-65 Juvenile Problem 10-95 Out At Home
10-31 Pick Up ____ 10-66 Major Crime Alert 10-96 Mental Subject
10-32 ____ Units Needed 10-67 Net Message 10-97 Test Signal
10-33 Help Me Quick 10-68 Runaway Juvenile 10-98 Prison Break
10-34 Time Check 10-69 Missing Person 10-99 Wanted/Stolen Indicated

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