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Salt Lake City Fire

Salt Lake City Fire Department serves all of Salt Lake City as well as Salt Lake International Airport. The department has 14 stations that provide 8 ALS engine companies, 3 BLS engine companies, 3 ladder truck companies, 2 quint or haz-mat units, 3 ALS quick response squad units, ARFF units, Aux units for wild land fire, and special operations. The department has its own dispatch located in the Public Service Building. Salt Lake City partners with Gold Cross Ambulance for 911 ambulances. This is achieved through a combination of placing ambulances at select fire stations, Gold Cross stations, and roving ambulances to pre-determined points.

Salt Lake City Fire Notes and Info:

Paramedic Units
Salt Lake City Fire operates 9 ALS units staffed with at least 2 paramedics on the crew. The "Para" prefix is frequently left off in radio traffic or colloquial speech. Other apparatus besides the designated engines are not typically called Paramedic units even if they have 2 or more paramedics on board.

The Paramedic units are:
Medic Engine 1
Medic Engine 2
Medic Engine 3
Medic Engine 5
Medic Engine 7
Medic Engine 8
Medic Engine 11
Medic Squad 12 (airport response only)
Medic Engine 14

Squads 1&2 were created in Fall 2014 as a quick response medical unit to handle calls in the downtown core. They are typically staffed with one Firefighter/EMT and one Firefighter/Paramedic.

Gold Cross has 5 24/7 ambulances dedicated to Salt Lake City's 911 system. 2 more ambulances are dedicated during the day, and other ambulances primarily use by gold cross for inter-facility can be brought into SLC as needed. Gold Cross uses the 500s to number their ambulances staffed with EMTs or AEMTs and the 700s to denoted the ambulance has ALS gear and a paramedic on board. For 911 response in SLC, Gold Cross paramedics are not allowed to function at the paramedic level, and a gold cross ALS ambulance is not considered an ALS unit. If a patient requires ALS level care. Special Ops
Special Ops is a unit the carries extra gear and equipment for large haz-mat and heavy rescue incidents"

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Stations and Apparatus

Station 1
211 South 500 East
Salt Lake, UT. 84111

Station 1 houses a Paramedic engine, A Gold Cross Ambulance and it is the home station for Battalion Chief 1.

Station 2
270 West 300 North
Salt Lake, UT. 84103
Station 3
1085 East Simpson Ave. (2250 South)
Salt Lake, UT. 84106
Station 4
830 East 11th Ave.
Salt Lake, UT. 84103
Station 5
1023 East 900 South
Salt Lake, UT. 84102
Station 6
948 West 900 South
Salt Lake, UT. 84104
Station 7
273 North 1000 West
Salt Lake, UT. 84116
Station 8
15 West 1300 South
Salt Lake, UT. 84115
Station 9
5822 West Amelia Earhart Dr.
Salt Lake, UT. 84116
Station 10
785 Arapeen Dr. (2250 East)
Salt Lake, UT. 84108
Station 11
581 North 2360 West
Salt Lake, UT. 84116
Station 12
1085 North 2260 West
Salt Lake, UT. 84116
Station 13
2360 East Parley's Way (2150 South)
Salt Lake, UT. 84109
Station 14
1560 South Industrial Rd. (1900 West)
Salt Lake, UT. 84104

Southwest Ambulance (2007-2010)
Southwest Ambulance provided ambulance services to SLC from 2007-2010. Since then, Gold Cross had been the ambulance provider for SLC. All the info on SWA is no longer applicable, but kept for historical value. All Southwest Ambulances and crews are assigned to certain districts which match the districts of the fire stations. There are seven full time ambulances with one housed at fire station 11 and the rest in Southwest Ambulance stations. Salt Lake City Fire Department and Southwest Ambulance use the same dispatch channels. The full time ambulances are 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, and 14. Units 2,4, 6,9, and 10 are brought on as needed for large incidents, special events, medical stand-bys, and any additional need for reserve units.

Reserve, Retired, and Misc

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